Slimming Holiday - Our Specialty

Slimming holiday is our specialty

Health and slimming holiday combine recreation and relaxation classes focused around supporting general scope of recreation and sport related activities and special diets aimed to remove toxic substances from organism as well as fatty, cholesterol deposits and atrophied tissues. Organism, if free from useless burdens, spontaneously recovers balance, that is health. By introducing health-slimming holidays we wish to promote keeping healthy diets and fighting obesity.

We offer active weekend leisure (2 days) as well as 7- or 14-day holidays with one of diets chosen by the customers:

1. Detox diet (Purifying diet) – vegetable-fruit diet – 700 kcal

2. Natural diet – based on natural food, healthy and nutritious – 1200 kcal

Program of health-slimming holidays is supervised by a doctor. From the first day of holiday participants may consult specialist to choose the best diet for their needs.

Participants of health-slimming holidays can take advantage of the following facilities:

  • 3 meals a day consistent with chosen diet
  • accommodation in single, double or triple rooms with bathroom, TV, wireless Internet, balcony (standard or comfort room types)
  • swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym
  • morning gymnastic
  • classes  in the gym
  • classes in the swimmingpool
  • fresh air exercises (nordic-walking)
  • salt chamber – salt therapy room
  • pro-health education
  • blood pressure / fat tissue / muscle tissue/ water  level measurement
  • Nordic Walking equipment
  • music and entertaining nights
  • presentation of gym equipment, regional products
  • monitored parking

Each participant shares his or her room with other person, however, at additional cost, you may have a room for exclusively for yourself.

We offer the following services at additional cost:

  • Massages: classical, therapy, relaxing, rehabilitating, fat reducing ones
  • Books on health and eating

What to take for holiday:

Training suit, gym suit, sport shoes, swimming suit, large towel, lapels, swimming cap, water-proof jacket and a doze of joy.

Please take your recent results of medical tests to make the choice of diet easier.

We invite you at any convenient term.