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(8-15 od poniedziałku do piątku)

The Roadhouse and Resort-Conference Center MADOHORA in Slemien (in the South from Cracow) is open all year long.  It is situated at the Road No. 946 from Zywiec to Sucha Beskidzka, in a forested part of the Little Beskid Landscape Park (with natural sanctuary and a peak MadohoraLamana Skala).

It is located 13 km from the Zywieckie and Miedzybrodzkie Lake, 18 km from the mountain Zar, 25 km from Zawoja (mountain Babia Gora), 27 km from Korbielow (mountain Pilsko), 35 km from Bielsko-Biała and 67 km from Cracow. 31 km from Slemien, on the way to Cracow, there is Wadowice, a family town of the Polish Pope – John Paul II.

Both name and location of the object are related to the highest peak of the Little Beskid – Madohora (Lamana Skala, 929 m over the sea level) and a natural sanctuary of the same name. Among many things tourists can find there a hundred-year-old spruces, interesting rock formations as well as unique species of plants, animals and protected forests.

The whole resort constitutes part of magnificent mountain surrounding, including spruce forest park. Nearby there are mountain routes to Madohora and John Paul II Mountain as well as the Mary’s Sanctuary – Jasna Gorka.

Other tourist attraction of the region include:

  • Three dams on the river Soła, which create so calles Soła Cascade
  • Natural Sanctuary Madohora
  • Landscape Park of the Little Beskid
  • Cable way on the Mountain Zar (view point on Beskids)
  • Miedzybrodzkie Lake
  • Zywieckie Lake
  • Zawoja with the mountain Babia Gora (in the neighbourhood of Ślemień)
  • Komaniecki Cave (Madohora Sanctuary)
  • Ship trips on Żywieckie Lake, dam in Tresna
  • Zywiecki Castle, Habsburg Palace and Brewery in Zywiec
  • St. Bernard Monastry in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (UNESCO)
  • Family house of John Paul II in Wadowice
  • Museum and camp in Aushwitz (UNESCO)
  • Touristic trips to Cracow, Beskids, Tatra Mountains, Pieninnes
  • Possibility to visit Slovakia Doscovering Orava with its lake and castle.